Dr Rose Prevec is a Research Associate in the Botany Department at Rhodes University, and is a Faculty of Science board member, which means that she can supervise student projects through the University.
If you are interested in exploring palaeontology as a study option, please contact Dr Prevec at

Mr Ben Kirkaldy (Masters student)

Contact: 078 6393947

Benjamin Kirkaldy (1995-) is currently a Masters student in the Department of Zoology and Entomology at Rhodes University. He is conducting research within the Department of Freshwater Invertebrates and the Earth Sciences Department at the Albany Museum (supervisors Dr Helen Kames and Dr Rose Prevec), which will contribute towards his Masters degree. His research focusses on Plecoptera (stoneflies), an ancient order of aquatic insects found across the world, and is attempting to relate fossilised stoneflies to modern South African stoneflies. Apart from his research, Benjamin is also involved in demonstrating and tutoring for undergraduate students at Rhodes University.

Ben is funded by the NRF African Origins Platform and the DST-NRF Centre for Excellence in Palaeosciences.

Ms Aviwe Matiwane (Ph.D. student)


Aviwe Matiwane is a PhD student registered in the Department of Botany at Rhodes University, Makhanda. Aviwe is working on a palaeobotanical and biostratigraphic project utilising the Permian fossil plant Glossopteris, under the supervision of Dr Rose Prevec and is based at the Albany Museum. She is also a Research Associate in museum, and participates actively in promoting the Earth Sciences Department through outreach activities and on social media.Aviwe also demonstrates and tutors undergraduate students in the Botany Department at Rhodes University.

Aviwe is funded by the DST-NRF Centre for Excellence in Palaeosciences.