Dr Sydney Moyo
PhD (Rhodes University)

Phone: +27(0) 46 622 2312
Email: sydmoyo@gmail.com

Research interests

My research integrates dietary tracers and food web modellingto understand how aquatic and terrestrial animals interact with their environment.

Current work

palaeoecological reconstruction of trophic interactions in the middle Permian of South Africa

Recent publications

Richoux, N., B., Bergamino, L., Moyo, S., Dalu, T (2018) Fatty acid profiles indicate changes in the nutritional quality of suspended and benthic basal resources and the influence of terrestrial inputs along a temperate river-estuary continuum. Organic Geochemistry 116: 1-12

Moyo S, Richoux NB. (2018). The relative importance of autochthony along the longitudinal gradient of a small South African river influenced by agricultural activities. Food webs: e00082.

Moyo S, Richoux NB (2018) Use of fatty acid indicators to explore the relative importance of autochthony in an austral river. Hydrobiologia 806:139-156.

Chari LD, Moyo S, Richoux NB (2018) Trophic ecology of adult male Odonata. I. Dietary niche metrics by foraging guild, species, body size and location. Journal of Ecological Entomology 43:1-14.

Chari LD, Moyo S, Richoux NB (2018) Trophic ecology of adult male Odonata. II. Dietary contributions of aquatic food sources. Journal of Ecological Entomology 43:15-27.