Zeze Mnqeta

Professional Profile

Zezethu Mnqeta is currently an NRF intern. She has aMaster of Science Degree in Entomology (Thesis Title: Interactions between two biological control agents released against Pereskia aculeata) obtained from Rhodes University. Her current duties involve curation of specimens collected whichincludes sorting, identifying,cataloguing specimens, and incorporation of the specimensinto the collection. She provides field work support in data collection and takesphotographs of specimens.Additionally, she assists with themaintenance of wet collection by checking the level ofethanol in bottles and topping up when necessary. Checking thecondition of pinned material to ensure that they are not infested with pests is part of her duties. She also offers assistance with outreach programs to school groups. Her research interests include freshwater ecology, biological control of weeds, and plant-insect interactions.